Magniss Enterprise Suite
Magniss Enterprise Suite comprises a world-class set of powerful and effective business performance management products that enables the unlocking of the potential of an SME organization by allowing its owners / managers the ability to monitor and act upon their business specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with precision and agility.

Magniss Enterprise Suite consists of three Modules viz. the Magniss Designer, the Magniss Reports Viewer and the Magniss KPI Dashboards.

  • Quickly combine information from multiple data sources and systems
  • Build your own reports library relevant to your business needs
  • Compute KPIs relevant to your business and create management dashboards
  • Browse and select any specific report from your organization specific reports library
  • Access and manage using exclusively designed report types like the unique 360o report
  • Drilldown data even upto transaction level while using Magniss Reports
  • Quickly view your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) on the CEO’s dashboard
  • Monitor KPIs and compare them against your industry benchmarks / custom defined targets
  • Track your KPIs over a period of time or compare same KPIs across different periods easily
Magniss Designer

The Magniss Designer is the core platform of the Magniss Enterprise Suite that helps users create various kinds of reports and/or dashboards by aggregating information from multiple disparate data sources. Relevant data that is currently stored in ERP systems, CRM databases, custom applications, accounting systems like MYOB, UBS. Peachtree, custom excel sheets and/or excel report formats etc can be extracted, cleansed and combined to form powerful multi-functional reports and dashboards that can be presented to different sets of users for effective and timely decision making.

Magniss Reports
The Magniss Reports Viewer Module is an elegant and intuitively designed product that enables managers to quickly select any report from the reports library and view them in various formats. The users can choose the layout and the format in which they would like to view the information.  Of very special interest to users will be the ultimate ease with which they will be able to browse information in the reports and also use various filters to look at the reported information across multiple functional areas in order to get a consolidated view. Apart from standard tabular reports and chart reports, Magniss Reports viewer also comes with some unique report templates like the 360o report that allows an user to view reported data from multiple angles.  Another special Magniss reports viewer is the Drill down report which permits the users to drill down report information to multiple levels and if available even upto the relevant transaction.

Custom reports can be added to the user reports library using the Magniss Designer from the information aggregated through multiple data sources, thereby ensuring that managers get more out of their existing information assets.

Magniss KPI Dashboards
Magniss KPI dashboards are designed for CEOs, CXOs and business owners to manage their businesses better and improve their “response-to-market stimuli”. The Magniss Dashboards are built for various industry specific requirements and focuses on providing these businesses with industry standard Key Performance Indicators that enable them to analyze their business performance and swiftly take decisions that have a definite impact on their growth, profitability and operational efficiency.

Business Owners and CEO’s who use such business performance metrics are in a much better position to respond to changing market conditions and be prepared for changes much ahead of competition.

Magniss provides these dashboards in easily comprehensible charts, gauges and tables that enable decision makers to access their KPIs from anywhere, anytime. Management users can also configure the dashboards to compare their performance against their own internal company set targets and even available and publised industry benchmarks.  They can even setup automatic alerts and notifications so that they are aware of any slippages in the KPIs against their set standards / targets.

Custom dashboards can be created easily with the Magniss Designer from the information aggregated  through multiple data sources , thereby ensuring that owners get more out of their existing information assets.