Magniss Pay-As-You-Go

Over the past few decades hardware and software acquisitions have occurred via traditional capital expense cost models. This approach has required organizations to pay large amounts of up-front fees for the use of long-term assets. The return on investment (ROI) has hardly proven to be positive for a majority of these capital expenditures in the SMEs community. However, SMEs continue to buy these critical business resources on "trust" that the value and benefit will be realized sooner than later.

As technology evolves, companies' quest of finding new ways to reduce cost and complexity of maintaining their IT system grows. Many companies have slowly moved their IT system from on premise to the cloud; this has help greatly in keeping up with the fast changing tech world and reducing cost significantly. However, it has been proven a challenge for many SMEs to adopt this model a 100% due to many shortfalls that comes with this model.

Magniss Pay-As-You-Go is a Hybrid SaaS model that has arisen in response to the drawbacks of the pure SaaS model to provide the advantages of the SaaS model, while mitigating the potential drawbacks of on premise solution.

Key benefits of Magniss Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)
  1. Much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than in pure on-premises deployments. You are not required to bear huge hardware and software license fees, rather you only pay a small fee per month as a service fee for the hardware and software that you use.
  2. You company sensitive data can still stay within your premise without having it moved to the cloud. This minimizes data piracy.
  3. Migrate only non-sensitive data to the cloud , thus saving hardware cost
  4. Leverage on SaaS advantage for providing capacity on demand, coupled with on-premises appliances for solving complex global routing and administration challenges.
Magniss BizLite
Magniss Biz Lite is a solution offered under PAYG model to help SMEs in the adoption of Business Performance Management Solution that was traditionally available only to big enterprises and MNCs due to the extremely high cost of ownership. You can now make use of Magniss Biz Lite to have insights into your company anytime, anywhere with a click of your finger. Start using Magniss Biz Lite to analyse your business thus streamlining your operations, maximize sales, client retention, cash flow, profits, optimized cost and business processes. Make the right critical business decision immediately without having to wait weeks before your staff is able to get you the insights on your own company, thus losing millions of dollars due to loss of opportunities.

Magniss Biz Lite Key Analysis
  1. Sales Analysis by various dimensions
  2. Expenses / Cost Analysis
  3. Profit Analysis
  4. Accounts Receivables Analysis
  5. Accounts Payable Analysis
  6. Sales Collection Cycles / Ageing Reports
  7. Client Relation Management Analysis
  8. Scheduled Alerts & Scheduled Reports
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