Magniss Reports
The Magniss Reports Viewer Module is an elegant and intuitively designed product that enables managers to quickly select any report from the reports library and view them in various formats. The users can choose the layout and the format in which they would like to view the information.  Of very special interest to users will be the ultimate ease with which they will be able to browse information in the reports and also use various filters to look at the reported information across multiple functional areas in order to get a consolidated view. Apart from standard tabular reports and chart reports, Magniss Reports viewer also comes with some unique report templates like the 360o report that allows an user to view reported data from multiple angles.  Another special Magniss reports viewer is the Drill down report which permits the users to drill down report information to multiple levels and if available even upto the relevant transaction.

Custom reports can be added to the user reports library using the Magniss Designer from the information aggregated through multiple data sources, thereby ensuring that managers get more out of their existing information assets.