Magniss OEM Partner Program
In line with our philosophy of providing innovative solutions and a bundled value-offering to our customers, Magniss offers a unique ‘win-win’ OEM partner program that will enable other complementary software product providers to add huge value to their market offering thereby enhancing their market share in their target vertical / domain.

Magniss OEM Partners will also play an active role in helping us tune our solutions, by sharing valuable feedback from their own product teams, their customers and the market.

Magniss Solution Partners shall typically be ‘niche’ software product companies which are ‘vertical’ or ‘industry’ focused and might have a majority of their customers in a particular industry or vertical.
OEM Partners would ideally look to leverage this existing strength in the vertical and bundle / embed Magniss products along with their solutions to end customers.

We are currently looking to sign up Magniss OEMs in Singapore in various industries / verticals / domains.
Who can become a Magniss OEM Partner?
If you are an organization that develops and markets your own software product(s) in any vertical / domain, primarily to Small & medium businesses, then you should talk to us.

In particular, if you are an organization implementing developing specific ERP solutions, CRM solutions, Warehouse or inventory management software, HR solutions, accounting software etc you fit into our requirement of a potential OEM Partner.

Why Partner with Magniss?
In the present scenario, there are a quite a lot of similar transactional products and solutions being offered by many software players in the market. SME customers typically find it difficult to differentiate between one product and the other and this makes the sales cycles longer and the profit margins thinner for product companies.

Moreover, since decision making in a typical SME customer business is likely to be with the owner / management, there is enhanced value when they see a simple ‘decision-making’ solution along with a transaction solution.

By partnering with Magniss, you get the ability to differentiate yourself vastly in the SME market, with an unique value proposition that is significantly value-adding compared to run-of-the-mill point solutions.

Moreover, by providing a solution that enables customers GETMORE efficiency and growth, by combining the value of the Magniss solutions along with yours, not only will you be offering a high ROI product, but also a full-fledged management solution that impacts the top management of companies directly.
How does it work?
One of Magniss’ key words is Simplicity, which means we make it easy for people to work with us.
We have many different ways of partnering in the OEM program depending on your present solution (whether it is client-server, web or multi-tenant), your present customer segment / vertical and your future product plans.

Some of the ways our products can be taken to market through the Magniss OEM Partner program are ‘market bundling ‘ ; ‘OEM license embedding ‘ ; ‘revenue share’ ; ‘white labelling’ etc.

Partner with us now to become our OEM Partner. You will be able to provide solutions to a large set of customers in your territory / industry with our combined offering. You can expand your customer base quickly by offering huge value through the combined solution while upselling Magniss proposition to existing customers and hence improving customer retention.
Criteria for becoming an OEM Partner include:
  • Own Software Product / Solution offering in select verticals / industries
  • Local Sales & Marketing acumen
  • Skills in implementation and after sales support of business applications will be essential
  • Trained technical staff for product implementation / support activities
  • Product implementation / support team
The Magniss OEM Partner program provides ways to improve your revenue per customer in your target industry / vertical by devising joint go-to-market strategies as soon as you become a Magniss OEM partner.

Magniss is committed to the success of our partners’ businesses, as we believe that Magniss can only win when our partners win. Together we will ensure highest customer satisfaction levels.

If you would like to become a Magniss OEM Partner, please fill in the application form and send it to us, our representative will get in touch with you.
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