All retailers, especially multi-brand retailers, face lots of business challenges day in and day out….and look to manage them through various methods, but primary among them is the constant challenge of aggregating key business information being gathered in multiple systems and making business sense out of them.

Business owners and managers at retail companies understand that some crucial indicators like FSN (Fast, Slow & Non moving stock), Replenishment rates, and supplier fill rates are key to their revenue growth and profitability. 

Conventional methods of writing out or collating reports for logistics from disparate systems are time consuming for users and are usually not available for top management in real time.

This not only impacts productivity of the entire organization, it also requires lot of efforts. Moreover, these conventional methods are also error prone and person dependent.


Performance improvement of logistics companies is attained through constant review of key business information that is conventionally made available through aggregating information made available to senior management by users extracting data from multiple systems.

Improving efficiency through improving a company's logistics performance index (LPI) will be a critical determinant in the measurement of productivity enhancement in Singapore based logistics companies.

At Magniss, we have designed an innovative IT solution that helps top management of logistics companies perform real-time business analytics by extracting data from multiple systems.

The Magniss logistics solution provides the managers and top management users relevant logistics KPIs through a simple-to-use logistics dashboard that showcases all the KPIs relevant to the industry in a simple and user-friendly interface.

The users of the system get periodic business alerts and information alerts that can be quickly acted upon thereby improving productivity and improving efficiency.

Magniss solution offers a world-class BI system that has preconfigured BI tools and BI software for easy and quick tracking of their company's key performance indicators or KPI through a KPI dashboard.

Some of the KPIs that are available as a part of the standard dashboard module for Marine logistics industry is shown below.

If you are a business owner / manager in a logistics company based out of Singapore, do not hesitate to call us or any one of our partners for a detailed demonstration of our product and showcase how it can help you ‘get more’ growth, efficiency and profitability in your business.

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Key Performance Indicators
Retail Store
Sales/GM/Cost per sq mtr
Effective Utilisation of the store space is the one of the foremost considerations while assessing the performance of your retail store. The higher the sale per sqm the better performing your store is. Similarly the lesser the cost per sqm is the better performing it is.
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Retail HQ
Stock no. of days (Item category/Brand)
Keeping stock days to the minimum ensures that the warehouse can accommodate more SKUs within the given capacity and the stores can display more variety increasing customer choice. While this is a good indicator, this needs to be balanced against item movement (FSN) and also against supplier fill rates so that as much stock that is available to be replenished at the stores when needed.
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